August 20, 2019

Screenwriting: An Interview

The most important first step to a great film is the screenplay. This week, Patrick, our co-host, interviews Fr. James, the host, on the process of screenwriting (and writing plays). 

Journey with us through the production process of a disturbing film about a son's tragedy and a mother seeking justice. In this episode we talk about why we are making this film and what makes a good film. Next week, the screenwriter will be interviewed

  • Our name will soon change to The Merry Mortal Podcast 

Last re-play til new season begins on August 13! This is the first full episode of our podcast. Unfortunately, it is still relevant. We speak with a guest about the situation of human trafficking, including signs to recognize it and what to do. This is such a horror, but it needs to be heard! 

July 16, 2019

Anti-Semitism - Replay

A popular episode and still relevant today. Violence against Jewish persons has been on the rise, including rhetoric. It's worth listening to Rabbi Lenny again! Season 4 begins August 6. Stay tuned!

Forced or slave labor is often not considered by many people when they shop, but many products support such practices. Check out this replay of an early episode to be informed and make better choices. 

Child soldiers are common. It is a form of human trafficking that steals their childhood. 

Need a life change? A new direction? Want more meaning in life? This show brings together essential elements of your planning and evaluating your life story. Season 4 begins August 6. We will re-play a couple of our more popular and dynamic episodes during July. 

Building our life stories on solid ground doesn't come without obstacles. Listen to ways to identify and overcome some of the major hurdles. 

The key to happiness, to a fulfilling life, is assuring our life stories orbit around principles that are universal and enduring. 

June 4, 2019

Cave Living?

Too many people live their lives facing a cave wall while other people create realities for them by making shadows on the wall. This is a metaphor, of course, but an ancient one. The best lives are lived facing the sun, not with our backs to it soaking in shadows. 

Take what is good. Leave the rest. Breaking free from a dysfunctional family role that is harmful can be difficult. Here are some steps on how to take that step and be a healthier human being. 

Are you going through life following a script written for you by your family? If you came from a great family, that's mostly good. But if not...? We discuss different examples of how we often, unwittingly, follow an unhealthy script that is not our own. We often keep rehearsing old scenarios, reacting to old hurts and playing outdated roles. Isn't it time to take control? 

Did you know many people live according to a script that has been written by someone else? We talk about the role of the family, for better and for worse, in scripting us to play a certain role in life. You can be the author (or co-author) of your own life's story. 

If your life was a film, what kind of reviews would you get? Would it be a blockbuster or a snoozer? Conceptualizing our lives like they are stories where we play the main character, the protagonist, helps us be more intentional about our purpose, be more in control, overcome obstacles and avoid being victims. Join us to learn how to write (or re-write) your life story.

We all want to be happy, to flourish, to be seen as valuable, worth loving. Too often, this doesn't happen the way we wish it would. It seems, too, we live behind masks, acting out scripts that others have written for us. Season 3 will exam so many topics related to human flourishing and will even include film and music episodes and reviews. 

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